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About Jeremy

Jeremy is a New Zealand trained Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years experience working in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. He has worked with people across the life span in both public mental health and private practice and has significant experience working with young people - especially young men. Jeremy has an approachable style that promotes trust and engagement. 


"I love the focus and centeredness that activities like surfing and mountain biking create in me. I am always looking for ways to apply that focus to other experiences in life such as strong emotions, difficult thoughts or challenging situations”.


MSc Psychology

Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology

Registered Clinical Psychologist with the
New Zealand Psychologists Board

Member of the NZCCP

Auckland Psychologist

Life Problems

We all struggle with the challenges that life throws at us and all react differently to these. Some of us get angry, some depressed and some bewildered or confused. Often we can find a way through these challenges, however, at other times our response can compound the problem and we get stuck. 

Some of these problems with living can include anxiety, depression and relationship difficulties; alcohol and drug problems or psychological trauma. Other people have unusual experiences (e.g. psychosis), distressing beliefs (e.g. paranoia) or a spiritual emergency that is difficult to make sense of, which can add to the distress.

Psychological Assessment

A psychological assessment considers a person’s internal experiences as well as their circumstances at a given time and then places this within the context of their life history. This can clarify what is going on in a difficult situation and identify ways of responding to it more effectively. Sometimes one assessment session is enough to open up new possibilities for a person and enable them to move forward on their own.

Psychological Therapy

Psychological therapy is a process of dialogue that can lead to new understandings and more effective ways of responding to difficult situations. This can be brief (e.g. 3-4 sessions) or longer term (e.g. monthly sessions over a longer period). Often therapy is an individual process, but at other times the difficulty sits within relationships and so it is important to work on communication with partners, family members or children.

Some of the models of therapy utilised by Jeremy are Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (i.e. CBT), Distress Tolerance, Motivational Interviewing, Family Therapy as well as non-directive psychotherapy.

“It's exciting when I see a person I'm working with start to make sense of situations and experiences that were once overwhelming them. Seeing them start to apply more effective strategies and get results is extremely rewarding”

Clinical Supervision

Jeremy has been supervising Psychologists, Students and other Professionals for the past 15 years.
He is available for consultation and supervision sessions.


Jeremy Clark

Clinical Psychologist


Powderham Business Centre

117 Powderham Street

New Plymouth, Taranaki

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